About Holopops

Easily assembled, lightweight & cost effective hologram system, with customisable options.

Professional Holograms

All our Holopops systems feature professional standard, patent-pending 3D Holonet screens.

Cost effective

There is a Holopops system for every budget. Prices from £2000 GBP

Easy to assemble

Portable and fast!

Introducing Holopops

Holopops is a portable, stand-alone professional hologram system. Simple to set up and dismantle, this versatile system comes as a standard package or may be customised to meet your specific needs.

Holograms made easy!

What will you do with Holopops?

Holopops Modular Systems

Frame and screen
Our best selling Holopops is portable and fast to build. It’s a 3m x 2.4m (10'x8') frame with genuine 3D Holonet screen. Ideal for content testing.
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The Ultimate Viewing Platform
Everything you need for a standalone hologram box, including lights and projector. Just add playback, content and imagination.
From £7500*
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Holopops Custom
Bigger? Smaller? Brighter? Create a Holopops system to fit any brief.
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Holopops Basic

Only £2000* plus taxes and shipping



A professional quality stand-alone video hologram projection screen system comprising a 3m x 2.4m / 10’ x 8’ frame with a genuine 3D Holonet.

A cost-effective no-brainer for testing content and proof-of-concept demos.

Assembly time – 10 minutes, 1 person.

3m x 2.4m / 10’ x 8’ 3D Holonet
Folding frame
Carry bag

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Want the whole package?

Take a look at Holopops Pro

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Holopops Pro

From £7500* plus taxes and shipping

Our innovative Holopops Pro combines the best of our technology with useful add-ons to create a remarkably effective stand-alone kit. Our patent-pending Magic SIMs all but eliminates the secondary image created by projecting onto any gauze. This enables impressive results from a minimal footprint. It’s portable – takes just two people to carry. Includes LED lighting to enhance the 3D effect. 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 3m x 2.4m x 2.5m / 8’ x 10’ x 8’
Hologram image approx 3m x 2m 

Assembly time – 1 hour approx., 2 people (projector on the floor)

3m x 2.4m / 10’ x 8’ 3D Holonet
2 x folding frames
4000 or 5000 ANSI lumen HD laser projector
Clip-on fabric masking
Side walls / rear wall / ceiling Magic SIMs
4 x LED uplighters
4 x carry bags

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Need something custom?

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help


Holopops Custom

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Bigger? Smaller? Brighter?

Create a Holopops system to fit any brief.

Go up to 6m wide by 3m tall, or upgrade your projector for a bigger or brighter image. Build into stage sets or flying systems. Choose only the accessories you need and customise your Holopops to fit your show.

Add our filming package for a life-size holographic teleconferencing system and get help with content, lighting or other technical solutions.

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